Thursday, April 18, 2013


So, in case I was unclear in my last post, sometimes I just don't have a clue what is going on (usually not for a lack of trying). Like anyone who has been a parent for longer than about 3 years, I have learned to fake it pretty well when I am faced with common, everyday questions or tasks that I should know about but just don't.

That being said, somehow I didn't catch the fact that I was posting to a blog that I "closed out" at the birth of our daughter. I was too distracted by the "shiny" new app that I found that would allow me to blog from my iPad. In fact, it was a small miracle I remembered the login information to this blog at all. I shudder to think what I would have used as the login credentials for the newer blog. Ugh.

At any rate, this will be the next "last" post to this blog. Until the next time I am forced to fake it again, and am distracted by who-knows-what shiny object. In the meantime, you can check out my ramblings at the blog entitled "Their2Dads". Don't ask me how to get there or where to find it. Clearly I can barely manage my own day-to-day existence, let alone the needs and wants of a husband and two children. Don't be lazy. Find it yourself. And if you get there before me, leave the light on. It might just be shiny enough to spur my memory.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To blog or not to blog....That is the Question

Have you ever allowed yourself to think about your future? I mean to truly think about where you see your life in the next year, or five years, or, dare I say it, the next decade?

Lately, I'm doing good if I can allow myself the time to think about the next few hours in front of me. And, if I am being very honest, I find myself thinking more and more about the past. No, this is not an attempt to dive into the lake of nostalgia for a leisurely swim while taking frequent breaks to sip on a glass of Sangria. These thoughts tend to be a little more adrenaline-inducing in nature. About the time my head hits the pillow each night (and not a moment before), my brain decides it is time to get my heart pumping by throwing some not-so-stress-reducing self-reflection questions...such as "is today the 3rd - did I miss that appointment with the pediatrician?," or, "I remember agreeing to attend that webinar as a stand-in for my boss - that was scheduled for yesterday, wasn't it?". Inevitably, the inner voice that narrates these sleep-deterring questions launches into a barrage of profanity that would be perfectly acceptable, were I to find myself on a naval base or to have recently been informed that I would be teaching kindergarten for the remainder of the school year. Since I am neither a sailor nor crazy enough to surround myself with 30 five-year olds on a daily basis, it is most fortunate for everyone that this language remains within the confines of my brain. Mostly.

So, I believe I have already established that at this point in my life, my proverbial cup "runneth over" with the comings and goings of parenthood, of employment, and other various and basic oxygen consumption activities. Perhaps there is the rub. Oxygen consumption. Too many tasks, too little oxygen. Well, whatever the reason, what's one more task between friends. Or strangers. I'm blogging again, suckers. Keep your expectations high. Or low. Or live on the edge and throw expectations out the window. In any case, this is the blog of one Dad, his husband, and their two children. Deal with it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodbye, His2Dads!

Since it has been a heck of a long time since my last post, and so much has changed in my life...

I have chosen to say goodbye to "His2Dads".

Please join me in my new blogging adventures....and welcome "Their2Dads"....

Thanks for stopping by! See you on the flip-side!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kid Stuff....Twenty-Plus Years Ago

As Husband and I prepare to brave the malls and toy stores in an admittedly-procrastinated effort to complete our holiday shopping, I can't help but to remember some of the better childhood toys I received way back when, as well as some of the other "kid stuff" that helped to shape my generation...I only wish some of these toys were still around today, because they were totally kick-butt! From the obvious to the more obscure, here are some do you remember 's for kids of the 80's....

*The original Transformer toys...Yeah, the live-action movie totally rocked, but you can't beat the original toys...definitely More than Meets the Eye! And do you remember the "original" Optimus Prime????

*G. I. Joe's...Can you still make the rapid-fire machine gun noise with your tongue? (Warning: Author assumes no responsibility for cleaning bills incurred or embarrassment received resulting from attempting rapid-fire machine gun noise in public. Attempt at your own risk).

*Banana-Seat Bikes...Whatever happened to them??...They were stylish and comfortable! Enough said.

*Atari and Colleco Game Systems...Because sometimes realistic graphics and complex soundtracks are of no help when you are trying to get your frog across the road.

*Fraggle Rock...wait for it....wait for it...ok...Cast your cares away - Worries for another day - Let the music play - Down in Fraggle Rock".

*Film Strips in school...Don't forget to press "Play" on the cassette player!

*Happy Meals...I'm talking the kind that came in a box...Eat, then play...Genius!

*Read-Along Books...Sure, the ones that came with records were good...and cassettes were great...but I had a Disney "Lonsome Ghost" book that had a device that, when slid across the page, would read the book to you, complete with sound effects....Way cool!

*He-Man and Masters of the Universe....waking up Christmas morning to Castle GreySkull set up under the tree, complete with the vehicle that had real boulder-pounding that was a Christmas.

*The Garfield Christmas Special...who knew John's grandma was a biker chick? I didn't see that coming!

*Sesame know, when it was good! No Elmo...Mr. Hooper was alive...can you tell me how to get BACK to Sesame Street?

*Reading Rainbow...But you don't have to take my word for it! ;)

*Christmas Trees that were NOT pre-lit...what Christmas would be complete without dad muttering strings of expletives under his breath as he diligently worked to get all of the light strands working on the tree? (Ok, so I am glad I get to reap the benefits of 20 years worth of technological advancements, but I can still enjoy the memories, right????).

Clearly, I could go on and on. But I won't. Feel free to add your own in a comment - I'd love to hear it!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Request...

I am the first to admit that my family is, well, less than traditional. There are obvious reasons for this (I'm from the North, Husband is from the South....) *ha ha ha* .... And there are the "not-so-obvious" reasons.

When I met Husband, he was in the final stages of a divorce (and no, there was no scandal here, sorry....if you want scandal, tune in to Days of Our Lives or C-Span...). While I am sure no divorce is easy, this divorce was particularly difficult, as Husband had grown extremely close to his extended family - so much so that I had the awkward (at the time) pleasure of being introduced to them, in much the same manner as any boy- or girl- friend would meet the parents. In my case, the awkwardness quickly dissolved, as I was accepted into this family unconditionally. To this day, we remain close - clearly not "traditional", but very much family. We now get together frequently with Husband's ex-wife and her family for holiday gatherings and birthdays.

I have chosen to provide you a little insight into my less-than-traditional family because I need to ask something very important of you, my readers....

Several days ago, Husband received word that his ex-wife's grandmother was admitted to the hospital after having trouble eating. Tests confirmed our worst fears. Yesterday, she was transferred to a hospice facility, and no one really has any idea how much longer she really has.

Any prayers or happy thoughts sent their way would be most appreciated. And I would also encourage each of you to take a little time out of your day to truly recognize and appreciate the value of your own friends and families, in whatever forms they may take.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share our view from our corner of the universe with you, and I look forward to providing continued updates, especially those in which I can offer a more light-hearted (and dare I say "random") perspective.

Until then, thanks for wading through the serious side of "His2Dads"... You all ROCK!